Rubbish Bag Distribution for Street Traders

Suggestion without a real action almost fails. That’s why 65 children from Tunas Hijau Club distributed 500 new rubbish bags to the street traders around Hero’s Monument of Surabaya, September 30, 2001, for Clean Up the World 2001 campaign.

“This is our effort to aware our society to care with their rubbish,” said Moch Zamroni, President Tunas Hijau Club. He thought the traders must be known on how we must handle our rubbish more intensive. “Because, they are potentially produce too many rubbish,” said Zamroni.

How was the traders’ response? There were varying response. Starting from good response until no response. There were many traders who have good response with the young people spirit to do the activity. “Kids, I haven’t get the rubbish bag yet,” said one of the traders. Then, the kids gave the rubbish bag, which they brought with some message for the traders to use the bags to collect rubbish around them.

The traders then put the white rubbish bag near him/her. “That’s Surabaya’s children have to be,” said Sarpan, kids clothes trader. But, there are also “creative” traders. Such as, Mrs. Markum, clothes trader. After received the rubbish bag, she fold and stored the bag. “I could use it for my clothes,” she said.

After the kids explained what’s the bag for, Mrs. Markum become understand. “It’s a pity, rubbish bag in good condition like this,” Mrs. Markum said.