Fresh Air Campaign

Dozens of teenagers from Tunas Hijau Club, Sunday 18 November afternoon in front of a bus stop near Gelael Supermarket on Jalan Basuki Rahmad, had an anti pollution campaign by giving stickers to street users. 

They were spreading posters while wearing air masks on their faces and giving away stickers which had anti pollution slogans, such as “Stop the Pollution for Next Generation”, “The Earth is Breathless”, and “Bring back my Blue Sky”. The stickers’ picture and the slogans were copied from the children’s environmental painting tournament held by Tunas Hijau. M. Zamroni, Tunas Hijau Club’s president, said that their campaign was part of their “Clean Up the World” campaign, which is aimed to make people aware of how damaged the air condition in the earth is.

“People should start to reduce the air pollution by using public transportation,” he added. He further said that less private vehicles and using public transportation would mean that the citizens could reduce the traffic jams in the city and reduce the air pollution level. “They could also save more energy, especially for the vehicles’ fuel,” he added.

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Bambang Dwi Hartono, who also participated in the campaign, said that the people should all realize how important the Earth means are for the next generations. “All people should be aware of how to stop the pollution, but its more important if the young generation like these teenagers could start preserving the nature,” he said.

Bambang said that perpetrating the campaign into real action is more important, by using public transportation, than just doing the campaign and then stopping. He exemplified that preserving the earth and taking care of our environment was not just suggesting stopping air pollution, but also many other things. “People could start by throwing garbage into the dust bin, or keeping their environment clean,” he added.