Watering and Re-planting Kalimas Riverbank

Surabaya political life as in the flame, but the city must cool. Therefore, Tunas Hijau Club held Watering and Re-Planting along Kalimas Riverbank Surabaya. They watered the trees that they planted 8 months ago along the Kalimas Riverbank Surabaya. Trees that have died, its were re-planted with the new trees. They prepared 50 Tiara Payung (Pilisium) trees aged 6 months.

The campaign joined by 70 children from elementary and secondary school,  with the support from Gardening Agency of Surabaya government. The Surabaya Mayor Bambang Dwi Hartono has also joined the campaign. Sometimes the mayor chatted with the children. Wearing sport clothes, Bambang were look enjoyed together with the children.

When one of the children asked him where were the mayor, in friendly conversation said that he just returned from take a walk. “I’m just take 5 kilometers walk,” Bambang said by hanging Tiara Payung trees to the hole.

About the campaign that held by Tunas Hijau Club, the mayor has stated his support. “To face the raining season, we will hold the same activity in a huge scale,” said Bambang. Bambang has asked Tunas Hijau Club to form school network on the environment in Surabaya as preparation. “We will provide the big trees. When the trees too young, it will take a long time for growing up,“ Bambang said.

Mochamad Zamroni, Tunas Hijau Club President, said that the Watering and Re-Planting aims to preserve the trees that planted 8 months ago, to ask the children to care with the environment. “This is our way to play with the children that can increase environmental quality,” Zamroni said.