2nd Drawing Bin Party

Tunas Hijau club held the 2nd  drawing bin party competition at Hyatt Regency – Surabaya on Sunday 29th September 2002. This activity adopted “ Give your rubbish to me” as it theme. The competition joined 37 participants and it divided into three groups. The first group were talented painters. The second were ordinary people. And the last were 29 kids from primary schools around Surabaya.

The works from group one and two were non competition class. The attractive and could motivate people were being the winner. The jurors for this competition were Madame Ingrid Debray and Igak Satrya Wibawa. The aim of  this activity is to ask children to throw the rubbish on the right place.

This event sponsored by Hyatt Regency Surabaya, Mataram Paint Co. Ltd. and PT. Terminal Petikemas Surabaya