Challenged Become an Environmental Minister

This afternoon (22 October), the office of Environmental Minister of Indonesia, Nabiel Makarim, has had  special invited guest. They are a couple of Prince and Princess of Environment 2002, Pramudhityo Dewantoro and Gracia Paramitha. They have accompanied by their parents and President of Tunas Hijau Club.

Mr. Nabiel Makarim has asked them to make an audience before they flight to Perth, Australia to represent Indonesia young people in Millennium Kids Environmental Conference, 28 October – 5 November 2002.

Minister was very happy to meet with Prince and Princess. “Let me ask you some question. If you were an environmental minister, what will you do for the environment?” Mr. Nabiel asked Pramudhityo and Gracia.

Pramudhityo had the first chance to answer the question. But, he didn’t answer it yet. Then, Gracia took the chance to answer, ”I will solve any environmental problem in Indonesia. Such as, waste management in Surabaya, flood in Jakarta. And I want to change Kenjeran Beach in Surabaya to be Jimbaran Beach in Bali, a nice place to take a holiday and no mosquitoes.”

After Gracia answered the question, then Pramudhityo gave his opinion. “I will add as many as green space in all of cities around Indonesia,” said Pramudhityo. Mr. Nabiel had also reminded them about Bali Blast, 12 October 2002.  “When your friend in Australia ask you any question about Blast, just say the truth,” Mr. Nabiel said. Mr. Nabiel had advised them about Indonesia environment. He said, ”Indonesia has also environment and forest. But, some people destroy it.”