Children’s Environmental Seminar

Fellows Prince and Princess of Environment have held organize Children’s Environmental Seminar. The seminar has held on Sunday, 24 November 2002 at Indosat East Region Convention – Jl. Kayoon 72 Surabaya. Seminar has presented some topics on the environment, from, by and for children. The topics were their environmental project to submit Prince and Princess of Environmental Award 2002.

“Green Behavior at Home” by Prince and Princess of Environment Pramudhityo Dewantoro – Santa Theresia I Primary School Surabaya. “Composting from organic waste at school” by Princess of Environment Gracia Paramitha – Petra 5 Secondary School Surabaya.

“Optimizing detergent use” by Runner Up of Princess of Environment Riska Asriana – 16 Secondary School Surabaya. “Human Behavior on Waste” by Nastiti Puspitosari – Klampis Ngasem I Primary School Surabaya. “To make a staying place for butterfly” by Gita Nurina – Al Hikmah Primary School. “Young people encourage others to increase our environmental quality” by Millennium Kids Australia.

The Seminar held to develop children involvement on any efforts that can increase our environmental quality and develop understanding by sharing experience on environmental issues. More than 260 children around Surabaya has involved in this seminar. It was really great event. The seminar has continued with breakfast together for Moslems.

In this seminar Indosat East Region has gave 38 big trees to the Tunas Hijau Club that has received by Prince of Environment Pramudhityo Dewantoro as a Project Director of Green Space.