Kalimas Riverbank Transform Into Forest

A space at Kalimas riverbank becomes forest in the city. This place inaugurated to be one of green spaces in Surabaya on Sunday 17th November 2002. For the first time, the site planted with 45 trees such as ketapang, dadap merah, sawo kecik, kupu-kupu, sawo manila, mango, tanjung and matoa.

Fellows Prince and Princess of Environment of Tunas Hijau initiated the making of city green space. In this occasion, Environment Dept and City Garden Dept. officers also gave their hands to create it.

Secretary General of City Council (NGO), Pinky Saptandari said that the awareness of environment by Tunas Hijau is a good example. Tunas Hijau asked kids as leading role of reforesting. In opposite, the adult did not care about this problem. ”This program became a role model for the adults. They were busy with their business. I think this is not an easy work. This activity has to run continuously in long term,” said her.

She also explained, if the adult gave children a responsibility and a chance, they would create a useful thing and makes it as a part of their life. “We, as the adults, watch this phenomenon as a long term of good working. I expect, it rolls like a snowball and ties everyone also the university student. I dream, she added, every university students plants a tree and they take care of it I guarantee Surabaya become greener than ever,” said this Anthropologic lecturer in Airlangga University of Surabaya.

Prince of Environment Pramudhityo Dewantoro, the project director of City Green Space, stated that this program is his dream after he visited and watched the condition in Western Australia more natural than Surabaya. “I need someday Surabaya will be greener and cooler than the past days because I feel that this old city hotter and hotter day by day. And after this, I will ask the mayor to gave some trees to plant in other empty spaces around Surabaya, said him. Thory, fifth grade student at Santa Theresia I Primary School, also continue his foresting project in other places.

Mochamad Zamroni, President of Tunas Hijau Club, told that making a green space in Surabaya is an effort to create fresh air and cool environment. He added, on 12th January 2003 we have A family Tree Planting program which is the sequel of the first green space activity. Also on that program, our friend from millennium Kids Australia will attend it.