No One Asked Me About Bali Blast

After attending Millennium Kids Australia Environmental Conference

We were like very special invited guest in Millennium Kids Australia,” said Pramudhityo and Gracia. Even, Program Director of Millennium Kids Australia – Catrina – has picked us up from the airport and took us around,” said Pramudhityo and Gracia.

They were also got good response from another delegates. “Moreover, after I presented my environmental project, they anthusiastic,” said Gracia, year 2 Petra 5 Secondary School. “No people asked me about Bali Blast,” said Pramudhityo.

Millennium Kids Environmental Conference is annual environmental activity for Australian young people. Millennium Kids is an environmental non-profit organization that based in Perth, Australia. More than 200 children joined the conference every year.

In Australia, Pramudhityo and Gracia stayed in Fairbridge. In this place, they joined a lot of environmental activities. “The situation was very fun,” stated Pramudhityo who presented Pentjak Silat in this conference. In this conference, Pramudhityo and Gracia got great experiences on how they should increase their environmental quality.

The most impression thing in Australia was a chance to share their environmental experience with Dr. David Suzuki, an international environmentalist from Canada. “David Suzuki said that there are 5 most important things in our lifes. It’s clean water, clean air, health environment, good waste management and human resources. These are the most important we should do in Indonesia,” said Gracia and Pramudhityo.

Therefore, Gracia will start to campaign waste management in all of Surabaya schools. Pramudhityo will also start his green space project.