4th International Children’s Conference on the Environment by CEHF Malaysia

Tunas Hijau Club has been invited to attend 4thInternational Children’s Conference on the Environment organized by Children’s Environmental Heritage Foundation Malaysia. The conference held 14 – 18 December 2002 at Ayer Keroh Country Resort, Malacca – Malaysia. To attend this conference, Erwin Haricahyo’s family and Surabaya’s Mayor sponsored delegate of Tunas Hijau.

Mochamad Zamroni, President of Tunas Hijau Club has represented Indonesia to attend the conference. There are also delegates from Singapore, Philippine, Brunei, Australia, Sweden, Japan, China.

There were a lot of workshop held in this conference. The workshop are Heritage Trail, Heritage Mural Painting, Conoeing, Water & Energy, Globetree, Wildlife Conservation, Endangered Species, Nature Craft Spinning Tops, Close To Nature, Nature Music, Culture Dance, Nature Craft – Nyiru, Forest Conservation, Canopy Walk & Magic Spot, Nature Craft – Beaded Shoes, Bees Breeding, Pachamama – Teacher Guide, Forest Conservation.

Zamroni, has also visited Butterfly Farm in Malacca to learn how we can start to make a beautiful place that butterfly like to live on it. Hopefully the 1st Green Space of Prince and Princess of Environment in Surabaya will become “Butterfly Farm” in Surabaya. Zamroni and another international delegates have also visited Twin Tower Petronas in Kuala Lumpur.