2nd Green Space Adopted

After adopting the Riversides on Ketabang Kali (behind Plaza Surabaya) as the1st Green Space, Fellows Prince and Princess of Environment 2002 have adopted another local area become 2nd green space. The 2nd Green Space has realized on Sunday, 23 February 2003, at Riversides of Kayoon Surabaya (ex Water Installation of PDAM Surabaya).

This program is the 1st step of Plant Trees for Planet in Surabaya – an international campaign inspired by United Nations Environment Programme, together in all over the world. In the next step for Plant Trees for Planet campaign, we will encourage schools to adopt any local area become green space.

We have also held trees planting to all over Surabaya city in cooperation with Educational Department.

In this 2nd Green Space – Kayoon, more than 600 hundreds trees were planted. The treess are Mahoni, Sengon Laut, Sono Kembang, Sawo Kecik, Spatodea, Cassia Fistula, Asem Jawa and 1 rare tree Matoa from Minister of Environment. We planted the trees because it will result fruit and flower that good for birds and butterflies. Off course we hope the trees can minimizeair pollution and global warming in Surabaya city.

Perum Jasa Tirta I and Gardening Department donated the trees that planted at Kayoon. More than 2300 students planted the trees. Surabaya’s Mayor and the secretary have also took part in this campaign. The people were in great numbers going to Kayoon with their own tools to make Surabaya is like in the forest in the future.

In this place, Tunas Hijau Club has also distributed 1000 packs of seed to the participants (1 pack = 2 seeds and 2 poly bags) for seedling. This seedling to make more and more trees to plant in Surabaya city.