3rd Green Space Has Adopted With Students of Navy Academy

Fellows Prince and Princess of Environment Tunas Hijau Club have adopted 3rd Green Space with 100 Students of Navy Academy and 75 school students. The 3rd Green Space took place at the Riversides of Petekan Bridge – Jl. Jakarta Surabaya. It was held on Sunday, 30 March 2003 in the morning.

Prince of Environment Pramudhityo Dewantoro said that this program is the 2nd step for Global Tree Planting Campaign / Plant Trees for Planet in Surabaya – an International campaign inspired by United Nations Environment Program. “We held 1st step of Plant Trees for Planet campaign on 23 February 2003 by adopting 2nd Green Space at Riversides of Jl. Kayoon Surabaya,” said Pramudhityo.

This 3rd Green Space of Prince and Princess of Environment will be the last tree planting in the end of raining season. Then, in dry season, the follow up will be focus on how we preserve the trees by keep watering that need more attention.

In this 3rd Green Space, 350 trees have been planted. The trees are Mahoni, Sengon Laut, Nyaplung, Glodokan Tiang and Angsana. Matoa from Minister of Environment has been also planted on it. These trees chosen to produce more oxygen, attract birds and butterflies and reduce air pollution and also global warming in Surabaya.  As follow up of Plant Trees for Planet Campaign, in the next raining season, Fellows Prince and Princess of Environment will hold Green Space Party for schools in Surabaya and Green Space Contest for companies.