1st Young “Eco” People Training

Tunas Hijau Club held the 1st Young “Eco” People Training for 20 students of Senior High School, 29 July – 1 August 2003. This training sponsored by PT. Terminal Petikemas Surabaya and supported by Indosat and Radar Surabaya. The training held at Center of Environmental Education Seloliman, Mojokerto (29 – 31 July) and Indosat Surabaya (1 August).

Through this training, Tunas Hijau Club taught the delegates some environmental knowledge’s by doing. The workshop divided on some workshops. The workshops were environmentally technology, pollution, environmental ethics, rubbish management and making action plan. 

Tunas Hijau also taught the delegates about English Communication and Internet that will be useful to save the earth. Tunas Hijau also made the delegates feel friendly with another – as the beginning step of regeneration on Tunas Hijau Club – an environmental non-profit organization based in Surabaya.