Dominggo and Nastiti have been inaugurated Prince and Princess of Environment 2003

Dominggo Bayu Bhaskara, 13 and Nastiti Puspitosari, 12 have been inaugurated Prince and Princess of Environment 2003 after eliminated another 24 finalists in grand final (7 September 2003) at INDOSAT Auditorium Surabaya.

To join this award, Dominggo did environmental campaign to aware the students of Petra 5 Secondary School about the impact of Air Pollution for our health. Different with Dominggo, Nastiti made a green space in her school and separate rubbish and ask her friends to throw rubbish to the right bin.

Water hyacinth crown has been given to each of them. ‘I’m really surprised,” said Nastiti. “I thought my friend will be inaugurated,” said Dominggo.

Prince Dominggo Bayu Bhaskara and Princess Nastiti Puspitosari will represent Indonesia young people to attend Millennium Kids Environmental Conference 2003.

Before grand final, all finalists have passed 1st selection (Environmental Writing Test, 24 August), 2nd selection (environmental project presentation, 26 – 28 August), 3rd selection (Environmental Debate, 31 August) and 3 Days Environmental training (3 – 5 September 2003).

In the opening, Zamroni, President of Tunas Hijau Club said that Prince and Princess of Environment is the first program in Indonesia. “Through this program, we would like to motivate as many as children to have green behavior and environmental project to increase our environmental quality,” said Zamroni.

In the beginning of program, there were a lot of question from the people. “Most of them thought that the children who want to join this award should be pretty or handsome. But, it’s wrong,” said Zamroni. (*)