Prince & Princess of Environmental Award 2003

by Princess of Environment 2003 Nastiti Puspitosari

I am Nastiti Puspitosari the Princess of Environment 2003. I am 12 years old and I study at SMPN 1 the Junior High School in Surabaya. I would like to tell you about my project. My project is “Environment Management at School”.

I represented my friends from the fellows of prince and princess of environment to tell you a short story about the prince and princess competition. Same as before, we had to follow the first step, it is a written test about our knowledge about environment problems. In the second step, we had to give a presentation about our project in front of the judges and the other participants.

Some of the projects are recycling water at school, recycling used plastic, recycling used paper, purifying water with water hyacinth, purifying water with stalk, make crackers from water hyacinth, recycling water hyacinth, give knowledge about water, socialite traditional medicine at school, reducing air pollution, separating rubbish at school, make a green space, and so on. What matters most is how we try to do better for our environment. From 75 participants, remainder 36 participants who will follow the next step.

The 3rd step was debating. The judges gave us some environmental problem and we had to give some comments about that problem. From 36 participants remainder 26 participants that will follow 3 days environmental training in PPLH Seloliman Trawas. It was a place of Environment Education Center area. In there, the counselors gave us some environmental workshop, such as:

*  Leadership, by this workshop we can know each other participants, because most of us come from different school.

* English communication, this workshop is for improving our English, we did some game. Counselors stick a piece of paper on our back. But in that paper spelled out the name of a famous person, and we had to know that name. If we want to know that name, we had to asked the other friend, but we just can ask with yes or no questions

*  Pollution, in this workshop, we came out by 2 groups, one group learn about air pollution and water pollution, and the other group learn about food pollution and soil pollution. After that workshop, we had to present our knowledge and also answered the questions from the other participants, or we make a poem, a song, or a drama about the pollution that we already learn about it

*  The next workshop is Environmental Technology friendly, in this workshop, we learn about the technology that save for environment, or this technology doesn’t make pollution, such as: solar water heater (the water heater that use the solar energy), Briquette charcoal (the charcoal that use less energy but, it gives big energy), Solar Box (the box that we use it for cooking, but with solar energy), and Water Treatment (water plants that use for purifying the water) its also had to be presented in front of the other participants too.

* We learned about Environmental Ethics too. This, how we had to look after the balance between human being and the environment.

*  All of us, had to make a project, but we have to continue that project to save the environment quality. So, we make an Action plan, what are the things that we will do to continue our project. We draw, half of our body on a piece of paper that spelled out with our action that we will do.

*  The last workshop is Rubbish management, how we process the rubbish became compost or a piece of new paper again from the used paper.

PPLH Seloliman Trawas is near the forest, so every morning we took a walk there. Every night before we sleep, we made a short story or we call it review for this day, about everything we have done for that day.

The highlight of this competition is Grand Final where all of the finalists are dancing to welcome the judges and also the bystander. The judges give us a theme about environment and we give an opinion about that. The winner get some prizes, one of the prize is go to Australia for the prince, princess and the runner-up. Our trip to Australia this year,  will part of A Cross Cultural Environmental Education Exchange Australia Indonesia.

We also make some action plan, one of the action plans is environmental seminar for children in our city, I think its enough, thank you very much to read this. Wish me luck with our fellows Prince and Princess of Environment 2003 action plan.(*)

Don’t Harm the Earth!!