Environmental Seminar 'By Kids For Kids'

Adult and parents should be ashamed to these children. More than 200 children joined Environmental Seminar “By Kids For Kids” held by Fellows Prince and Princess of Environment 2003. The seminar held on October 19, 2003 at TELKOM REGIONAL EAST JAVA – Jl. Ketintang Surabaya. 

This seminar presented 6 topics. All the topics are a about environment. In this seminar, the committee, delegates, moderator and speakers were children.

Even children, they were professional in this seminar. Such as for presentation, each speaker made a working paper for all delegates. There was also dialog session with the delegates.

When Dominggo presented his working paper of Achieving Students Awareness on Air Pollution at School, there were a lot of children gave comments about his project.

“Dominggo, you advised us to reduce air pollution by using bicycle. If the distance is far, we’ll get sweat,” asked one of delegates.

But, Dominggo keep his opinion. ”We should consider the distance,” said Dominggo.

Josephine, one of delegates Santa Theresia I primary school added that we could reduce air pollution not just by using bicycle. “We can also reduce air pollution by continuously service our motor and use environmentally fuel,” added Josephine.

Each of speaker got question from delegates. Such as, Octaviantin Sekar Dewita – student of Barunawati primary school presented her Medicine Plant working paper. Some of delegates asked how they could get the seed. “If you need the seeds of medicine plant, you could get it in my school. Just choose and take it. OK,” Antin added.

One of seminar objectives is to increase children participation on environmental preservation. “We also give our contribution for the environment,” said Inenda Dian, project director of seminar who is year 2 student of Junior High School of Muhammadiyah 5 Surabaya. (*)