Surabaya, LA 30 Years Ago

What is expatriate comment about environment in Surabaya? This question has asked by Fellows Prince and Princess of Environment 2003 when they had a discussion with John R. Mohn, journalist from Kansas, United States of America, at editing room Jawa Pos, 4th floor Graha Pena building on 15 October 2003 night.

John Mohn said that the environment in Surabaya now is same with Los Angeles (LA) on 30 years ago. “There are a lot of people throw rubbish from car, burn rubbish, also smoke from vehicle,” said John Mohn to 20 students of primary and junior high school who were finalists of Prince and Princess of Environmental Award 2003.

John said that students could help government to create clean and healthy environment by always throw rubbish into right bin. “Start to discipline yourself. Then, ask others people to do the same things. Keep continue,” said John Mohn.

At beginning of discussion, each of Fellows Prince and Princess of Environment 2003 shared his/her environment project. Such as, Nastiti who did green space and rubbish management project at school. (*)