Legend on Surabaya River

More than 30 children attended environmental campaign “Legend of children of Surabaya riverbank” that held by Tunas Hijau Club on Bargage boat, November 18, 2003.

Dominggo and Nastiti, Prince and Princess of Environment 2003 shared their experience when attended Millennium Kids Environmental Conference 2003. Laura and Marisa – Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up of Princess of Environment 2003 accompanied Dominggo and Nastiti shared the experience.

Marisa told the children of Surabaya riverbank her experience when looked the environment in Australia. She told the children that rivers in Australia were so clean. “Even, we can see the bottom of the river,” said Marisa.

It’s very different with the river in Surabaya that so dirty. “It caused by the factories that throw their waste water into the river and the people who throw rubbish into the river also,” said Marisa.

Marisa asked the children to save the water. “If we do not save the water, we’ll lose it. In fact, water is very important for our life,” Marisa added. Bilmana, one of children who joined the campaign said that he was happy joining the campaign. “I promised after this, I’ll always throw rubbish into the bin,” said Bilmana. (*)