Prince & Princess of Environment 2002 Shared with President of Indonesia

President of Republic of Indonesia Megawati Soekarnoputri invited Prince and Princess of Environment (PPE) 2003 for attending the summit of Day for Care of Flora and Fauna celebration of Indonesia in Presidential Palace – Jakarta on 5 November 2003. But, PPE 2002 has represented PPE 2003, because PPE 2003 were still in Western Australia for some environmental activities – Millennium Kids Environmental Conference 2003.  

“We were really happy when we can met the President of Indonesia for the second time. The President of Indonesia were still remember  us,” said Past Prince Thory and Past Princess Gracia.

“Please take care Flora and Fauna of Indonesia for the next generation,” said President of Indonesia to Past Prince 2002 Thory. 

Past Princess 2002 Gracia were looked happy too after showed the President of Indonesia an environmental game for children. (*)