Prince & Princess Shared Experience With Bapedal

Tuesday, December 23, 2003 – At Bapedal of East Java office, Prince & Princess of Environment 2003 shared environmental experience with the head of Bapedal of East Java province. Bapedal is government agency that control Environmental Impact. Prince Dominggo and Princess Nastiti told on how the environment in Australia, how Australian people especially Australian children took part to solve environmental problem. Prince & Princess also shared what environmental activities they joined in Millennium Kids Environmental Conference 2003.

Prince & Princess also presented their environmental project that is still going. Princess Nastiti presented Environmental Management At School. Prince Dominggo presented Reducing Air Pollution by using transportation. After presentation, Prince & Princess sang a Forest song that they made.

After hearing the presentation of Prince and Princess, head of Bapedal East Java said that Bapedal will support their efforts to make the children in East Java care and aware on the environment.(*)