Shared with Head of Education Department

Wednesday, 3rd of December 2003 – At the office of educational department of Surabaya city, Prince Dominggo, Runner Up Prince Abraham, Princess Nastiti, Runner Up Princess Laura and 2nd Runner Up Princess Marisa shared their environmental experience after attending Millennium Kids Environmental Conference in Australia with the head of educational department of Surabaya.

They told on how the environment in Australia, how Australian people especially Australian children took part to solve environmental problem. They also told Mr. Suparno – head of educational department – environmental activities they joined in Millennium Kids Environmental Conference 2003, and how was school situation in Western Australia.

After showing the photos about Australia and their activities in there, the children told Mr. Suparno their action plan after the Grand Final of Prince and Princess of Environmental Award 2003. Then, Mr. Suparno said that he was proud having students like all of you. “I’ll help you to realize your action plans,” said Mr. Suparno.(*)