Commemorating the 2005 World Environment Day with the President

June 06, 2005 was a special day for the Tunas Hijau young environmental activists. It was the day of World Environment Day, marked each year on June 5, with the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Cipanas Presidential Palace.  They were I Dewa Putu Adhika Happy (Prince of Environment 2005),  Princess of the Environment 2005 Marisa Tania, Dani Maulana Halim (Finalist of Prince), Josephine Tirtowidjaja (Finalist of Princess of  the Environment  2005), Putri  Rahmawati  Hidayah (Finalist of Princess of  the Environment  2005),  and  Fernanda   Novelia (Finalist of Princess of  the Environment 2005).

The President emphasized that the event was held outdoors to make all the participants unite to the wonder of nature, especially the Cipanas Garden. In his speech the President tried to elicit the participants’ response, “Is the garden beautiful?” and all the participants responded in unison, “Of course.”  After signing the prototype of the environment stamps and the delivery of speeches by the President and the Minister of Environmental Affairs, Ir. Rachmat Witoelar presented the Adipura Awards to the cities that have made significant achievements in preserving the environment. According to Ir. Rachmat Witoelar the next Adipura Awards will be presented to both the environmentally best and worst cities. Adipura Awards for the dirtiest cities are not meant for rewards but sanctions, and this step is expected to be a challenge for them to take a concrete action to preserve the environment.

Regarding the theme of this year’s World Environment Day “Green Cities—Plan for the Planet,” Mr. President and the First Lady symbolically planted a white teak tree.

“That was the most unforgettable moment, because the young activists were given the opportunity to take a picture with the President,” said Marisa proudly.

After lunch, the activists had a friendly talk with the President and he was glad to sign his autographs on the Tunas Hijau environmental comic books they wrote. Dani, on the occasion, showed his poster entitled “Say No to Plastic” to the President. The President also asked the young activists to save the natural resources and ecosystem of Indonesia. “Maybe we are the only children among the participants, so the President paid more attention to us,” said Josephine diplomatically.

On that particular event, the Cipanas Palace was also flocked by artists and celebrities, so the young activists had the rare opportunity to pose with Marshanda, Ahmad Dhani DEWA, Maia Ratu, Andien, Nugie and Mona. ”So many,” said a ten-year-old activist Nanda.

That was an unforgettable experience that they deserved to have it. Happy 2005 Environmental Day!