Draft Environment Programs For SDK Santa Theresia I Surabaya by Curtis Deschambault

Today, I prepared five different activities for SDK Santa Theresia I Surabaya and presented them to the principal of the school. The school has one more year left of in the environmental school program. Therefore, it is important for them to educate the schools around them of the projects they have been doing and prepare another school to get selected for the environmental school program. The five events I will be doing with the school are, bicycle awareness, recycled paper workshop, a school exhibition, reseeding and splicing activity and carbon footprint workshop for the teachers.

The bicycle awareness activity will promote using bicycles instead of motorbikes. Their will be a short bike ride around the school promoting the use of bicycles. The students will presentation why riding bicycles are good for the environment and their health. The main advantages are reduction the amount of CO2 and the other pollution released into the atmosphere. The students will than make signs to hang on their bikes for the bike ride.

The recycled paper workshop will be done by the students of SDK Santa Theresia I Surabaya. They will go to other schools and demonstrate to the students there on how make recycled paper. They will show the other students the process to making recycled paper. Furthermore, they will show the students what the recycled paper can be used for. There will be a presentation done by the students outlining why it is important to recycle paper. The participants will all get a chance to make recycled paper during the workshop.

The students will also have an exhibition on the projects that they have done at their school. The objective of the exhibition is to educate the children of the other schools on how to do more environmentally friendly activities at their schools. The students of SDK Santa Theresia I Surabaya would present the different murals that they have made, as well as presenting the different activities they do at their school. During the exhibition students of the other schools would be able to ask question and gain insight from the students at Santa Theresia. The exhibition will be organised by the students with help from me.

The fourth event will be a workshop on reseeding and splicing to make new plants. The students from SDK Santa Theresia I Surabaya will be taught about the topic and how they can do it. The students will go out and collect seeds and parts of plant for the activity. The trees and plants will be planter into pots and allowed to grow. Once they achieve a proper size to be transplanted they will be disturbed to the surrounding community and be planted in vacant lots. The objective of the workshop is to educate the children on different ways to plant trees and plants. The method of reseeding and splicing is much easier on the environment than to have to always buy plants and seeds.

The final event will be a carbon footprint workshop for the teachers from the schools around the SDK Santa Theresia I Surabaya. The workshop’s objective is to educate the teachers on the topic of carbon footprint. Ideally the information they learn from the workshop will be passed unto their students. I will present to them what a carbon footprint is and outline the largest factors that add to a person’s carbon footprint. I will also discuss solutions that can be easily implemented to reduce their footprint. The workshop will have activity to figure out the teachers’ carbon footprint from the previous day and we will discuss how some of the carbon footprints could be reduced.