Eco Team Building At SMP 31 Surabaya

by Mandy Lim Pei Mun

This was Pippin first working day at Tunas Hijau. He came along with us to SMPN 31. He gave a brief introduction of Australia and we presented our slides on global warming and water pollution. Dani gave his own presentation on how the future in the year 2040 if the environment is continually neglected by mankind. The kids were very cooperative and active. They were very curious. They kept pondering us with questions. We were glad they are interested.

We also made a proposal on the activities we would like to get them involve in on the environment. The activities were divided into two (activates in school and on the beach). The students cheered with enthusiasm when we told them we will be organizing and working with them in all the activities within these two months. We then had a card games with the class. No gifts were given to the winner but they sure had a fun time interacting with Pasquelle, Pippin, and me.

After that we went to the mangrove rehabilitation area of Tunas Hijau. We reached the mangrove forest by boats. Two boats and around 10 of us went to the mangrove conservation area. The journey to the mangrove area was pretty fast. I was a little afraid because I couldn’t swim though I wore a life jacket yet I don’t want to get into the water. We were introduced to the area. Tomorrow Pippin and Curtis will be here early in the morning to plant some mangrove trees but as for me and Pasquelle we will be visiting SMPN 15.

We left the conservation area quickly before the sunset. The journey back was very difficult because we were moving against the current and our propeller was constantly getting stuck with the rubbish flowing in the river. Once the propeller was tangled with a huge blanket. We drifted further towards the sea whenever the motor was not working. I was worried I might get stuck in the water but I’m thankful it did not happen. It is a good experience to the mangrove forest. This isn’t my first time to the mangrove forest. I did had a trip back in Malaysia but the experience were different. What I really pray is people will appreciate the ecosystem better and take some actions in protecting it. A small action makes a huge difference.

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