Meeting With The Principal of SDK Kristus Raja For The Next Programs by Curtis Deschambault

Today, Mandy, Pasquelle and I visited 2 schools. Since the trip was with the two girls we got to use the car again. The first of the two schools was the elementary school SDK Kristus Raja. At the school I talked with the headmaster about the activities I have planned to do with them. The second school we visited was SDN Kaliasin I Surabaya, Mandy, Pasquelle and I discussed with the students of the 5th grade a bit about our countries and the state of the environment in our countries. The last activity we were going to do was pick Mandy’s luggage at the airport but it had been finally delivered to an AIESECer’s house. Instead we went to a local shopping centre to buy a trash bin. The local shopping center is very compact and not much room to move, added to this it is very hot and the bad smells come from the rotting fruit below.

At SDK Kristus Raja I met with the headmaster while the girls gave a presentation to some of the children. The meeting with the headmaster was to discuss the activities I had planned for the school. She was very open and offered full support with some minor alterations to the activities to make them better. The activities will take place during the first two weeks of June (1st-12th). The first activity is a reseeding workshop where the children will go out and collect seeds and parts of plant for the activity. The trees and plants will be planted into pots and allowed to grow. Once they achieve a proper size to be transplanted they will be disturbed to the surrounding community and be planted in vacant lots. The objective of the workshop is to educate the children on different ways to plant trees and plants

The second activity will be a campaign on environmentally friendly solutions to issues. Such as using reusable bags instead of plastic bags, bring a reusable bottle for drinking, not using straws and using banana leaves for storing their lunches instead of plastic bags. The students will be making posters and other promotional material for this project. Ideally the poster could be made on recycled paper. The date for this activity will be the 3rd of June.  The third activity will be water monitoring, which will be the same activity as we did at Al Muslim. It looks like this will take place on June 5th.

The final activity will be a big one and it is going to involve the entire school. It is going to be planting activity where we have one school help plant vegetables in the garden beside the school. This activity will contain a presentation on how gardens are good for the environment. The students will than proceed to prepare the soil and plant the seeds. The type of vegetables will be the choice of the teachers. The students should also help maintain the other plants of the garden this means weeding the garden and watering it is needed. The date for this activity will be the 9th of June.

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