Sharing Global Warming Effects In India by Harshid George

Bram Azzaino and Aditya Firmansyah came to pick Curtis and me today at Mr Andre’s house. It was raining heavily before we left so we had to put on our raincoats. We proceeded for the long journey. Taking about an hour, we reached the school without any further delay. The school was full of trees which gave it a cool atmosphere. We were welcomed by a cool breeze which I believe might have been because of the presence of the trees around.

It was time for some environmental interaction with the students at SMA 11 Surabaya. The principal of SMA 11 Surabaya gave us a warm welcome. Roni informed us that the principal of the school had been awarded as the “CLIMATE HERO” by the Mayor of Surabaya for innovativeness in environment activities carried out by her. She had given scholarships to students who were good environmental activists. Moving forward with the activity, the students were all so excited to welcome us.

I greeted the students and the teachers in an Indian traditional way called NAMASTE. I started with a presentation on India. The presentation was supposed to be all about the diversity and the multicultural status India enjoys around the globe. The presentation included information on India’s IT (Information Technology) industry, festivals, food, tourism and Bollywood. But unlike last time this time, I had three presentations shown, one was about general information on India, the second presentation was about global warming in India, and the third one was about what India can give to the world.

My first presentation on “INCREDIBLE INDIA“ basically covered information on India’s food, India’s tourism and the film industry. I told the students how there has been a vast change in development scenario from the past times. The students were interested to know that there were five seasons in total. The seasons are summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring. The students asked me different questions about India like about the weather, the amount of snow India receives and many other questions. The second presentation was about the global warming effects in India. India has a high range of young fold mountains called the Himalaya. Since the weather is getting warmer the glaciers are melting down and there is an increased of floods, cyclonic activities and a change in the precipitation patterns. The third presentation I did was on “What India can give to the to the world.” 

In this presentation I basically spoke about the reason why India is unique among other nations. My topic included information on India’s demographic status, the affinity to English language, the Credible IT image and the large workforce in India among others. I went on to say about how young India’s population is. The civilization is the oldest but the people are the youngest. The mean age of India is only 31.3. After the presentations were over, the students took Curtis and me around the school and showed us the environmental activities they did. We then proceeded for lunch. The lunch was really delicious comprising of the sambal and ayam with rice, which I feel completes my food in Indonesia. We wished everyone goodbye after our lunch and departed for home with the sweet memories.