Activities At SD Al Muslim

by Pasquelle van der Jagt

After all these days in Mojokerto we got back again to our own projects and activities in Surabaya. Today SD Al Muslim had organized a workshop for teachers. We were they facilitators and gave 3 presentations about different subjects, Carbon Footprint by Curtis, Global Warming and Water Pollution by Mandy and me and Mangrove by Pippin and Yvonne.

I don’t really know if the teachers were really interested in our presentations, because I found that they were talking a lot and not paying attention to our presentations that much. Because they are grown up people I found that they have to decide for their own if they want to pay any attention to our presentations and so on, but still not really appropriate to talk through it.

For me it was also very difficult to get in discussion with them, because their level of English was very very low. All this together really didn’t motivate me to explain them anything extra anymore, so maybe I just like to educate children more because they  can be really excited and enthusiastic.

After the workshop we played some games with the kids, I learned how to play ‘Dakon’, a traditional Indonesian game. It’s pretty hard actually of you really want to play it strategically, but it was fun. After lunch the children could ask some question about our counties and culture differences and we learned them a dance we call “Hoofd, schouders, knie en teen”, but I’m pretty sure there is an Indonesian version of it as well.

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