Journal Improvement Lesson

by Mandy Lim Pei Mun

It is a nice cool weather to start our work after a long weekend with the AIESEC induction (or known as ORIMOT= orientation and motivation). We are very exhausted but work has to go on. NO PAIN NO GAIN. That is what we are here for; the GAIN of self development.

To improve the way we write, Roni (Presidet of Tunas Hijau) brought us to Universitas Airlangga at the Faculty of Cultural Studies. They give us an hour lecturer of journalism and the DO’s and DON’Ts in journal writing. All this while we have been writing like how we write in our daily dairy of the thoughts in our mind and our experience but we have neglected the solution and cause of the environmental problems in the places we visited. The lecturer shows us a few inspirational presentations of the 7 wonders which are not:

1.      Great Pyramid of Giza

2.      Hanging Gardens of Babylon

3.      Statue of Zeus at Olympia

4.      Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

5.      Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus

6.      Colossus of Rhodes

7.      Lighthouse of Alexandria


1.       To see

2.       To hear

3.       To touch

4.       To taste

5.       To smell

6.       To laugh

7.       To love

It is a nice lecture and we hope we learned much to write interestingly for you all out there.

We then went for a short city tour before we headed back home as we were too exhausted. We went to the first established urban park which was situated by the river bank of Mas River. There were a few hobbyists fishing by the river. Though the river is polluted but there are still fishes. What worries me is this fishes must have high tolerance of pollutants to be able to live in this harsh condition. Some of the pollutants concentrated in the fish fatty tissue. These pollutants are channel to the upper food chain when the fishes are consumed. Since we are the highest in the food chain, we are consuming the highest concentration of pollutants (biomagnifications and bioaccumulation).

These people do not have a clue that they are harming their health by getting their food from the polluted resources. This sadden me a lot but nothing much I can do for now. Hopefully in the near future I would be able to help and educate some of them the importance and the relation of the ecosystem and human well being.

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