One Day Environmental Program At SDN Petrokimia Gresik

By Mandy Lim Pei Mun

Today we have a different activity with the children of SDN Petrokimia Gresik. It is a 45 minutes drives through the highway from Surabaya. We are greeted with the children yell the moment we arrived. We tour the school. The lands in the school were left barren before Tunas Hijau came but not it is covered with greeneries of herbs, flowers, and vegetables. They have a fish pond and they compost their garden waste using a very simple method. The garden waste is stored in a huge container and this container is aerated with open-end-pipe connected to the container.

We give a short presentation on our country. Then the students are divided into 4 groups. Pasquelle. Pippin, Curtis, and I have our own group. Each of us has our own topic to discuss with our group and later they will present it to the class. My topic is on beach pollution; Pippin is on Mangrove; Curtis is on carbon footprint and; Pasquelle is on Global warming. Every group has to come out with their own cheer to represent their group.

Everything went very well. We have a good time with the kids. Education of the importance of the environment is very important at a very young age. This is because it is easier to give them a proper guidance when they are young compare to older people who are difficult to change their bad habit. Everyday Tunas Hijau is trying to guide our younger generation to care and love the ecosystem because without the ecosystem there will be no human.

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