Almost Lost In Air Plane In My Journey From China to Indonesia

By Yu Shuting – China

It’s a long long journey from China to Indonesia, after which I started to believe that miracles will happen in my life. I take the flight from Beijing to Hangzhou, in China, then Hangzhou to Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia, then from Kuala Lumpur to Surabaya. Unluckily, my flight from Beijing to Hangzhou was late due to the bad weather. As a result, I didn’t catch the next two flights. I bought the tickets again.  I finally arrived at Kuala Lumpur, finishing my check-in at the airport, sitting in the plane to Surabaya.

I asked the girl next to me “Hey, are you going to Surabaya for travelling?” She said “What?  This is the flight to Bali!” I quickly got off the plane only to be told that my plane to Surabaya had already taken off. Then I bought the tickets of the next flight again. After all, I bought 3 tickets again. Now, even I can’t believe what happened to me, what about you?  

The moment  I arrived Surabaya, I burst into tears,  the journey was  fabulous, was it? I felt that I grew up within two days. Before, when I talk about Indonesia, I am referring to rain forest, rare animals, hot climate and Bali Island. Now, I think country is similar with China. The girls and boys wear fashion clothes, use NOKIA and SONY, they like sandal jepits, so do us in China. I went to the super markets yesterday, I found Mentos, pantene, head-shoulders, we eat Mentos candies in China, we use pantene and head-shoulders to wash our hair in China, too! I almost felt that I was at home!

The AIESECers here gave me a warm welcome, language is the only barrier between us. If I could speak Indonesian, maybe I will be an ordinary Indonesia girl who studied in Malang. I heard that people like spicy food and I don’t like it. Fortunately, my host family don’t  like spicy food. I eat rice every day, every meal. And the Mc sold rice, too. I think there are many interesting things waiting for me here, this is my third day in Malang. Tomorrow is another fabulous day!

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