Ask The Kids To Draw How They Go To School Everyday

by Sun Yifeng (Yvonne) – China

Today we go to SD Al Muslim Wadungasri. I have been to this school once to give a workshop with teachers with Pas, Mandy, Pip and Curtis. And this school left me a very good impression. Students here are very friendly and active. And if you meet them on the way, they will give you a big smile and say hello to you. Today we come here to give presentation to children. After the introduction, the children are divided into three groups. One group with Chris and Dandan does the air pollution. One group does the water pollution with Ivy and Shelly. The third group does the carbon footprint with Michael and me.

Before Michael and I start our presentation, we ask the children to come up with a group name. Dania suggests using flower’s name. Since jasmine is the favorite flower of Indonesian people, we decided to use jasmine as our group name. Michael and I also sing a traditional Chinese song called jasmine to the children and teacher. They also sing a traditional Indonesian song for us. After this, we begin our presentation.

They are very active and come up with a lot answers to the questions we give. After the presentation, we give them a task, drawing how they go to school. After they finish, I can see that some of them go to school by motorcycles; the others go to school by cars. No one is going to school by public transportation or by bicycles. I hope after our presentation, children can advise their parents something relating to reducing their carbon footprint, for example celebrating the car free day or changing the incandescence bulbs to CFLs, which is more energy efficient.

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