Clean Water Workshop And Visit Jawa Pos

by Ivy – China

The main work of today was the four hours presentation in the SD Al Muslim Wadungasri. Actually, at first, I have no real idea of how can I spend the four hours with the students. But after I met the students, I felt relaxed. They were really very cute. Although the English they known is not enough for communication, they were still enthusiastic to talk with us.

After they spelled out the word “water”, I began my presentation. They were interested with the cartoon movies about water. When talking about rubbish in the river, they told me that from now on, whenever they see a person throwing rubbish into the river, they’ll stop him. What’s more, after I showed them the filter experiment, one of them told me that he has tried to make that kind of filter. I think it’s a good thing that some of them already had the idea of water protecting.

Then my presentation would give them deeper idea about the problem. After the presentation, it was a game. It was the first time that I try to play the game with children. In the game, three of us become polusi and were stick a paper which had been written “polusi”. The rest were clean water, and what the clean water need to do were just try to prevent them from being caught by the polusi.

Once they were caught, they would be stick a same paper as the Polusi. When everyone become a Polusi, game was over. The game just last a short time. I think the students indeed got a lot of fun from the game. And after the game, I just told them that pollution can easily affect clean water in a real short time, so they must arise the awareness of them problem. I hope they will remember this game and remember what they have promised to do for water. From their poster, I found their wish to help the problem. They have learnt that all the living things need water to survive. I hope they’ll remember the day, the presentation.

After the presentation, we went to the Jawa Pos. I’ve learnt something from the visit, like we can read the newest news everyday is because of the reporters and editors hard work. I think our purpose of this visit is to propagate the idea of environment and our organization. I hope it can help. Environmental protection need more concern and more help. It’s a problem relating to everyone. The ideas need to be passed.

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