My Filter Worked, The Dirty Water Became Cleaner

by Jiahui Chen (Ivy) – China

I received a new mission today, which was I should make a book about water and finish it before my leaving. And we begin to do presentation for elementary schools’ students. We went to the SDK Kristus Raja Surabaya. This was the first time for me to do a presentation for elementary school’s students since these two weeks.

Because we just had less than one hour to talk with them, I shortened my presentation and tried to make an experiment with them. It’s a simple filter experiment. I invited one of them to help me. I made the filter by some stones, gravel, sands and fabrics. I put them in the bottle with an order, and the student helped me to dump water in the filter. My filter worked, the dirty water became cleaner after it came out of the filter.

After talking with them, I found that most of them had talked something about throwing rubbish in the river. They told me some people always throw rubbish in the river, and the rivers are really dirty. I think it is what the government should control.

I was happy to stay with them. They are still children, but the ideas can reach their heart when we use a correct way to show them. I’ll keep trying to find some lovely cartoon movies and design some games for the children.

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