My Journey From China to Indonesia

y QinHao – China

On June 28th,2009, I flied from Beijing (the capital of China) to Hangzhou (another city of China). The weather was so bad that the flight was delayed. The plane did not set up until 7:00pm and I was worrying about whether I could catch the next flight to Malaysia. But it is lucky that I finally catch the flight in time but my friend who is to go with me together could not arrive before the plane leave for KL. Therefore I should go for my journey to Indonesia alone which was the first time to go abroad. Somehow it was a little uncomfortable because I have never been involved in such a long, difficult and lonely journey.

Reaching KL, it was about 5:00am and the sky was still a bit dark for which I could not recognize the building in the airport. People who got off the plane seemed tired but excited to arrived at their destination maybe not final destination. Then I met with a big trouble that I forgot my booking number and did not have my flight information printed out. In a result, the police in the airport did not permit to pass my application for transit. After the night spent in the plane, I felt totally worn out. It was blank in my mind. Luckily, there are always such kind persons to help me when I am in an urgent situation. The woman who came from China as well offered me a favor. She borrowed me her telephone which could make international phone call to my friend for help and get my booking number. It took me around two hours to overcome that obstacle and I appreciate the woman a lot.

Early morning in Malaysia. I bought a SIM card to call told my father about my situation, which made him not worried and then use the Malaysian money I changed to have a beautiful meal mostly because I am too hungry and tired. Without even a short sleep, I continue my journey to Surabaya, Indonesia. It is at around 3:30pm that I reached Surabaya when I was to wait for someone to pick me up. Just as I wanted to make a call to a member in AIESEC, terribly the power of my mobile phone ran out. Again I was caught in an embarrassing condition. But people in Indonesia are really kind. The people in information office of the airport helped me get the power of mobile, buy me a SIM card and sent me a lot of maps. We chatted happily until the driver arrived. Before I left for Malang we had a picture together and the man gave me his name card through which I was able to contact him if I went to Surabaya for visit or anything else, as he said.

Malang is city with nice weather. I met with many people that night including friends in AIESEC and my host family. People in my host family always called me brother and show me their kindness to help me. Mahondenk took me to university and the bank by motorbike these days. My buddy kept asking me what I want and all members in AIESEC are funny and they taught me how to speak Indonesian language though I can only say “good morning” in Indonesian. The most unforgettable thing was Fika and Ninda kept me saying “kamu cantik” again and again which means that “you are beautiful”.

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