My Journey To Jogja – The Story Of Creating 1000 Temple in One Night

 by Zhao Qinhao  – China

I felt like someone taking shower and it is Olove, he had many things to take with him and Monica was shouting to drive people hurry. Around 9:30am we are in Paris. We went around the Palace and saw many old things especially the photos of Sudan and their family. Then we went to see the temple. Nana told us a story about it. Long long ago, an army invaded another kingdom.

The prince found a beautiful woman who is the daughter of the king and want to marry her, but the princess was not willing to, so she required the prince to build up 1000 temple in one night. The prince has magic and he asked the wizard for help, which could come out only in the night and build up 999 temples very soon.

The princess came up with a idea and she told all the women to husk rice with a pestle and the roosters considered morning was coming and began sounding so the wizard stop working. The prince was angry and he cursed the princess to become a stone with all the women. So there were many pictures of women on the wall of the temple.

After hearing the story we began to seek out the picture of the princess and we are not lucky to find it. We began to play the game of “maphya” in the car. It is a long way to come back to Malang. Olove was a genius man who could always come up with new ideas of game and we changed the game and updated the game for many times. It was very hard for the driver to send each of us back home. I appreciate the driver so much.

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