Playing Environment Giant Snake Ladder at Orchid Hotel, Batu

by Yu Shuting – China

It was Sunday today and my activity today is to go to Batu and play with the kids. It was a freezing cold day, we arrived at Royal Orchid Garden in Batu very early. The game we prepare for the kids today is Snake and Ladder, we brought a large clothes and there is drawing of the game on it. There was not so many people when we arrived, so Nizam, Elgha, Tria and me played the game for the first time. Later, the kids came and we played with them. The kids were very happy, especially when someone was the first to finish the game.

The children who joined our games will be awarded with a small Snake and Ladder game paper. From the game Snake and Ladder, the kids learn what is beneficial to our environment and I think this is a very good way to promote the awareness of environmental protection. After finishing the game, in our free time, we played ping-pong, and Nizam is an excellent player. Before, I knew that ping-pong is very popular in China but I didn’t know that in Indonesia people liked ping-pong very much too. After winning the couple of Nizam and Tria, I won Elgha in the end. I was really happy, but nobody was able to defeat Nizam, he is a powerful monster!

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