Suggest The Students Using Car Pooling

by Li Dandan – Hongkong, China

We go to Muslim’s primary school named SD Al Muslim Wadungasri which is a little far away from our Tunas Hijau office. The school is very big with a great amount of trees and the school is tidy and clean. The children are very energetic and active. After we ask questions, children will raise up their hands to answer them.

We all enjoy a very good time from the games. We teach them to play some traditional Chinese games. Though they are very simple and easy to learn, children are very happy. They have a lot of knowledge about the air pollution including the causes of air pollution and how to reduce it. They understand that the smokes from the factory and vehicles are harmful for our healthy, our environment and our earth.

The pictures students draw are very colorful. Not only some common causes including industry smokes and traffic are being considered, but also some new approaches such as wind power and solar power are in their minds. Some creative ideas are even beyond our imagination.

In Surabaya, the traffic problem is a very serious cause of air pollution. Too many motorcycles and big family cars produce huge amount of gases and smokes every day. Government should take responsibility of the lack of public transportation such as bus and subway. We suggest the students using car pooling and some students can share a car to come to school together.

The teachers show us some recycling products students made and some of them are really creative and interesting. For example, they use plastics bags to make clothes and decorating materials.

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