The Children Can Remember What We Teach

by LI DANDAN – Hongkong, China

We went to the same primary school, SD Al Muslim Wadungasri, which we have been there last week to continue our presentation and test their understanding by watching their presentation.

They remember most we told them last time especially the pictures which showed the causes of air pollution by indoor and outdoor activities. It impressed us since some of the knowledge is a little hard to understand by the primary school students so they are really clever.

We like their presentation though they speak in Indonesia but we can figure out some of what they are saying from their eye contact and body language. We are happy because they can remember what we teach them last time and we hope they can use what they have learned in their everyday life.

In the afternoon, we went to the government planning office of Surabaya and met the board master. It is a very pleasant visiting and the master is very friendly and warmhearted. She lent us a car to replace motorcycles and also invite us to have some traditional Indonesia food. What’s more, she also gave us some souvenirs to welcome us to come.

Time runs very fast and I have been here around one month. I like students here and I enjoy teaching and playing with them as well as talking them something about China since China seems far away from them and they are interested to know. It surprised us that some of them can speak a little Mandarin and it is really cool.

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