The Children Knowledge of Air Pollution Is Beyond Our Imagination

by Li Dandan – Hongkong, China

We went to two junior high schools of SMP5 and SMP29 today to continue collecting materials for our book. The presentation runs very well not only the environmental protection knowledge interested them, but also the games we play attract their attention.

Their knowledge of air pollution is beyond our imagination. They can give us very good examples of causes of air pollution in Surabaya such as motorcycles and factory smokes. What’s more, people in the past also had the bad habit of open burning, which plays a harmful role to our body health and our earth. More specifically, open burning is one of the causes of global warming.

The students in these two schools are very cute and active. They raise up their hands to answer our questions and guide us to their green house, which is a house with many small plants. It surprised us since some of the plants we cannot find in China.

Like the students in other schools, the students here also like the games we design. It is exciting that we don’t need to be fixed with normal class style. We can play games when they are a little tired and continue our presentation later, therefore they can concentrate more on our workshop.

Finally, we take pictures with them to remember the good time we enjoyed together. We all hope we have opportunities to see each other in the future.