The Students We Had Teached Said Hello To Us Happily

by Wu Shaojing (Shelly) – China

Today my day started at 7:00. After yesterday’s book review, Mas Roni gave us some new ideas about the presentation and how we should do to promote our work. So there’s some different in our presentation. Wish today’s work from last night.

We were doing activity in the same two schools that we had already been before. It’s so warm to see the familiar lovely children. When we just arrive the school SDN Kandangan III Surabaya early in the morning the students had already stood on the playground waiting for us. The still smiled and played happily all the way when we took to the garden where we should do presentation there today. They are really clever that they still remember the knowledge we told them last time. We played games and did hand-making during our presentation. But that’s bad that I forgot to give their homework to do interview today, may be next time.

At noon we went to the Surabaya government office to have a visit. It’s really nice that they gave our gifts and chatted with us kindly.

Left the office we went to another school SD Al Muslim Wadungasri. When I entered into the meeting room the students we had teached said hello to us happily. We had a wonderful time together all the afternoon.

My work today finally finished, it’s wonderful.

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