Use Some Simple Words & Cartoon To Explain Kids About Water

by Wu Shaojing (Shelly) – China

My day started at 8:00 today. Today my work was to give a presentation to the students of a christen primary school called SDK Santa Theresia I Surabaya. Also in order to make them know some knowledge about our environment and how serious the environment problem was, also how to protect the environment around us. This time we also were divided into three groups.

After we arrived at the school, I saw many lovely students there. They took us to look around their school. They really planted many trees, grass which made the school looked very beautiful.

But the most bad thing was also they cannot understand much English so we can just use some simple words and most of the time we needed Bram to be the translation for us. Although it was hard for us to communicate with each other but the presentation also had a wonderful end, during which we played games with them. But we forgot to bring the filter to do the example .Before we went back, we asked them to do drawing and about our topic.

Today my work was almost like that, I am so happy to be friends with the lovely children. I wish I can see them again.

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