Cleaning The Beach With Thousands of Rubbish

by Chen Jiahui (Ivy) – China

As we know, Indonesia has many islands. Thus, there must be beach. Everyone likes sea, sunshine and beach. How about beach with thousands of rubbish?

We get up very early this morning to go to the beach in Surabaya. We went there to collect garbage on the beach with students. To tell the truth, I was surprised of the black beach. All you can see was black sand and rubbish. I tried my best to pick some plastic garbage. However, the rubbish we pick today was just extremely little amount of rubbish on the beach.

Afif told me the reason of this problem was people who live around the beach used to throw rubbish on the beach. This behavior had already become their habit. Therefore, I think the point is to aware these people to protect their living surrounding. Only by making sure that they no longer throw rubbish everywhere on the beach can we solve the problem. What we should aware them is not how bad their behavior is to the beach, but how large their living surrounding and their life will be affect if they keep doing that.

Moreover, we learnt how to make recycle paper. Actually, I want to learn that at the first time I saw the paper. If we can keep using that paper, apparently, it’s an excellent way to save paper, to protect trees so as to reduce global warming. Before I try that, I thought it must be some complicated processes to make it. But it was really not that hard. We just need to tear some newspaper, mix them with water, make the shape of paper and then expose them to sunshine until they become dry. Many elementary students know how to make it and they indeed use the recycle paper in their daily life. Also, it’s interested to make it. I’ll try to tell more people about this after I go back China.

Lastly, we went to the SMP 29. Students tried to give presentation about what they have learnt last time and used my PPT to review. What’s more, we met a special girl there. She was a student with mental problem. But she can speak a little English and even study in a normal class. She tried to give us a speech. I can see that it was very hard for her. She’s really strong. That’s what all of us should learn – never afraid of any difficult

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