Excited To Recycle Paper By Myself

by Wu Shaojing (Shelly) – China

At about 6:30am, we arrived at a beach of Surabaya. But instead of visiting, today our job was to clean the beach by picking up the rubbish with the mayor. The beach was really very dirty with many plastic bags, waste paper, empty bottles and other kinds of rubbish on the surface or inside the sand. We use our hands to pick up them and threw into a big bag just like last time we did in the mangrove.

Not after a long time, we became very sweat and tried. But in fact I thought it was useless for us to do that. We can just pack up some of the rubbish, and when we did that, maybe besides us there were some people who just throw the rubbish on the beach. So better let the local people have the sense of protecting the environment.

After that, we went back to the office having our breakfast. And then went to the school.

We can learn how to make the recycle paper in the first school, SDK Santa Theresia I Surabaya. Actually we had been there many times to do presentation and action. At the first time to this school, they had already show us the recycle paper. I was really interested in it, so I was so excited that I can do it by myself. I thought I had done a good job, I made two piece of that kind of paper by myself.

After lunch at the first school, we moved to the second school, SMP 29 Surabaya. The school we had been there for presentation last week. The students there were very kind, clever and also interested in Chinese culture. First, they did review by themselves. Then they use our laptop to prepare their presentation for next time. So we had a relax time here. The most wonderful thing I had ever saw at other school is that a student made a book about her schedule to protect the environment. She draw and write all by herself. I was really moved by her action.

That was my new day today. Because Mas Roni buy Wi-Fi for the office. We can use the internet in office from now on. Haha…..That’s all. Waiting for tomorrow’s work.