In Surabaya, Every Child Have To Plant A Tree

by Wu Shaojing (Shelly) – China

After one day off, we went back to work today. This morning they pack us at 7:00. Our work today was also to gave the presentation to two elementary school. As soon as we came at the first school we were welcomed by the teachers and students. After that we did introduction as usual, and then did a presentation by each groups in total one and half an hour.

In order to make them know some knowledges about the environment around us and how serious the environment problem was, also how to protect the environment around us. And I and ivy also did the program about the water. The students were really lovely. After we finished the presentation we asked them to write an essay about how to protect the water resource.

After the first school, we went to another school and did a short presentation together. Each group had 30 minutes to give the students a overview of our project.

Then we went to the Surabaya government office to have an interview and introduce ourselves. They told us the activity they would take up on this Saturday and Sunday. And also what they had done to protect the environment. It shocked me a lot they really had many good ideas, such as when people got married and have a child, they should plant a tree. It was meaningful I think.   

That was almost today’s work waiting for tomorrow’s work.

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