It Only Takes About 15 Minutes For Them To Complete The Song Writing

by Li Dandan – China

Today we went to a primary school and a senior high school to continue our job. In the first school, we gave our presentations and played games with them. It is cool since it is their first time to play Chinese games and it seems that they are excited.

In the senior high school, we tried to teach them some current issue about air pollution in China and Surabaya since they have better understanding of English, compared with students in primary schools and junior high schools. We suggest that the public transportation system need to be improved since the buses are not widely used and subway

In the end, we asked them to create a song about air pollution and they use some popular songs and modify the words. I love their songs and they are really creative. It only takes about 15 minutes for them to complete the song writing.

We introduced the environmental problems in China in detail. In the past, China focus too much on the economic development and ignore the environment. The result is that the environment becomes worse and worse and some people died early because of the pollution. Things become much better now since government promotes Green GDP in recent years and the government officer not only be evaluated by the GDP but also the environment. It works and air quality is getting better.

I will leave Surabaya this Sunday and I try to make my everyday here interesting and meaningful. Children’s faces are one of the sources of our happiness and when we see them we will forget the trouble and problems. We hope we can tell them all the knowledge we have and they can gain something after the workshop.

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