Pollen, A Little Boy Who Could Speak Chinese

by Ye Xiahoui (Michael) – China

Since this week, the Muslims began the fasting month. They don’t eat or drink anything from 4:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the afternoon. It’s really a long time indeed. For me, I can not tolerate the hunger for so long time, but fortunately we can eat. As you know, when people are hungry, they are not willing to study. That’s why in this month the students only have classes for half a day. So we don’t need to go to several schools anymore.

This morning we went to a new school, SDK Santa Theresia II Surabaya, which is rarely seen in these weeks. Last week we went to organize the actions and nearly forgot the excitement of seeing the new kids. This school was a Catholic elementary school, which was small and beautiful. What surprise me most was that the teachers there spoke very fluent English. The English teacher there was handsome and kind, constantly introducing to us something. The headmaster of the school was very nice. It seemed they wanted to give us some gifts. How nice they were!

The students there were really energetic, sometimes too noisy. Among them I liked the boy whose mother is from Taiwan. His name is Pollen. He could speak a little bit Chinese so he kept talking to me during the presentation. But what he said was just the requirements of playing cartoon. I saw Roni taught them to play some games, very simple, but very useful and attractive. I must learn that next time.

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