Putting Some Dirty Water In a Boiler And a Bowl In The Middle of Water

by Chen Jiahui (Ivy) – China

Getting into the SDK Santa Theresia 2, the soft feeling came again. I love this green school. What’s more, today is a sunny day.

Today we went there to make activities with the students. Firstly, we went out to the street to do interview. And I found out a problem from the interview. It was a street with many small restaurants on the two sides and a river under it. The shopkeepers would pour all the dirty water into the river through the pipes in their restaurants. The teacher told me that what they care about is just their income but not other people at all.

I think the elementary reason of the problem is education. Most of the shopkeepers haven’t been educated enough. Therefore, they have no idea about how terrible the problem will become if they keep doing this. That’s why our workshop is significant to children. They must have ideas about environment since childhood and realize their mission to protect their own homeland.

After the interview, we began to do our experiment. First was the big filter. It was the first time that the children prepared carbon active and it really make our filter more successful than ever before. Secondly, we tried an experiment about water recycle. Putting some dirty water in a boiler and a bowl in the middle of the water, we covered the boiler with a plastic and put it under the sunshine.

After ten minutes, the plastic appeared some drips and they gradually drop into the bowl. With this experiment, we can also show a way to clean water and save water. Thus, after this, we asked the children to use the water we collected to make recycle paper or water the plants.

This is my day. I love staying with these lovely children and chat with them about environment, China or even some handsome idols. Hope they’ll remember me, remember what I taught them.