Sharing The Program With Environment Department of Surabaya City

by LI DANDAN – Hongkong, China

Today we went to two primary schools, SDN Medokan Semampir 260 & SDN Klampis Ngasem I Surabaya and the government environmental office to know about the activities run by government and schools. The city is very innovative and they have a special rule that parents must plant a tree for their baby when they are born. We are joking that if China has this program China will become a Greenland.

The students in the schools are very active and cute. Due to the time, we didn’t give the whole presentation. We just introduced the definition and the causes of air pollution. Students are very warm-hearted and they played musical instrument for us. The music is a kind of traditional Indonesia music and the sound is nice.

Surabaya is a city which pays more attention to environmental protection than before. The mayor cares a lot of environment and we can see his photos with students a lot in different activities.

Nowadays China also pays more attention and government officials’ performance not only depends on the GDP but also depends on the environment. Economic improvement is important but people should not sacrifice the environment.

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