Students of SDN Petemon XIII Made Many Recycle Materials

by Chen Jiahui (Ivy) – China

Today we went to the SDN Petemon 13 Surabaya. I still remember we had come to this school several weeks before because last time we visited their school. Students there tried to make many interesting things by some recycle material. They used plastic to make clothes, hats and some flowers. Beside this, there are also many green plants in their school. Although the school was small, they hang many plants on the ceiling and use some wasted iron pot to grow the plants.

This time we went to give presentation for the students. They were also very active and willing to discuss with us about environment problems. When talking about throwing garbage into rivers, half of them admit that they had thrown garbage in rivers. And after that, they promised not to do that again.

Next we went to a junior high school, the SMP 37. Their English was better and knew more about water. After the presentation, we left them some homework like write down water problems and make a list of ways to save water. We are going there next week and I’ll try to find more data of water for them. I want to introduce more about water problem and make them clearer about it. Next time we can talk about it deeper.

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