Students Of SMP 37 Surabaya Asked Me To Teach Mandarin

by Li Hao (Chris Lee) – China

It should be my third or forth time to go to SMP 37. Forgiving me I forget the true number. I still remember the first time I went there. The students sang a song for us whose singer is Michael Jackson. Today when we got there we found our students. It is really nice of them. Because it is their holiday, they still come to school to take part in our activities.

Before all the students get together, I chat with the students in my group. They asked me to teach Mandarin. I introduced “你好吗?(how are you?)” “早上好(good morning)” to them.

Actually it is so difficult for them to pronounce the right pronounciation. But they still enjoy themselves. I also learned some Indonesian.

Then we discussed the drama together, I taught them focus on five key points “When, Where, Who, How, Why”. They should first discuss about these things. Then they will make out a good story.

I collected their homework, the posters. One girl really did a good job. She not only drew a picture about air pollution but also water. Her picture is full of colors that make the picture stand out. Another girl caught the main point of air pollution and put some cause of air pollution in the picture. It shows the bad effect of air pollution to us.

I think children are always creative than adults. As they haven’t learnt so much knowledge, their impression about the world are lack of restrict. I hope they will enjoy themselves in the activities and learned more from that.

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