Talk About Action of Environmental Protection

by Ye Xiahoui (Michael) – China

“Please hurry up, we are late” That’s the first sentence I saw this morning. I knew I got up too late so I didn’t eat the breakfast. It’s like I were Muslim, who didn’t eat anything in the daytime.

Today we go to a junior high school which I am very familiar with. I remember it is the first school I talk about action of environmental protection. The students there are really energetic and have many great ideas. When I get there, I know there will be surprise waiting for me.

They are really doing a good job actually. When I enter their classroom, I see the paper footprints made by them to show their words. When I walk around the campus, I see many posters talking about how to prevent global warming and reduce the carbon footprint. Wow, they worked really hard, nearly beyond my expectation. They are creative and serious about the task.

When we get in the room, they begin to show us the drama they designed. It is about some kids talking about global warming and the college students passing by teach them the knowledge about it

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